What You Can Claim

Motor Accident Compensation – Find out what you can claim

f you have been involved in a road accident that was not entirely  your fault, you may be entitled to motor accident compensation.

Even if the accident was your fault, you may still be entitled to a road accident claim. This will depend on which State or Territory the accident took place.

Road Accident Claims

You may claim for your accident injury as a driver (or rider), as a passenger or even as a pedestrian.  Motor accident compensation may be awarded to cover any losses such as loss of salary or wages while you were in recovery. It may also be awarded for any expenses you may have occurred. These losses may be able to be claimed from the other drivers CTP Insurer.

Ask for a free case review

Where you accident took place will influence what you can claim. All States and Territories have different laws and your entitlements vary. The best way to find out what you can claim is to call 1300 188 784 and ask for a free case review. You will be given the facts based on the details of your injury and the laws in that particular State or Territory.

You may be able to claim for any one of the following:

  • Loss of wages, or salary
  • Any medical expenses incurred
  • Any other out of pocket expenses
  • Recovery assistance
  • Compensation for your pain and suffering

Know your entitlements

You may also have work compensation entitlements if you were travelling to or from work when the injury happened. To find out if you have these such entitlements call the Accident Injury Helpline on 1300 188 784. By calling you will be given all the facts and if necessary, be connected with a vehicle injury lawyer.
Strict time limits do apply to motor accident compensation claims. The sooner rather than later approach is recommended. If you leave things too late you may lose your right to claim.

A free case review by one of our team members will let you know where you stand straight away. If you require the services of an auto accident lawyer we will refer you one who will assist you in fighting for the maximum motor accident compensation, to which you are entitled.

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