Road Accident Claims On The Up Across Australia Say Vehicle Injury Lawyers

While there are young people on our roads, hot sticky weather and traffic to endure there will always be an element of danger on our roads and this means road accidents are simply inevitable.

Many people suffer injuries from road accidents every year and often of a serious nature. While injuries from accidents can be debilitating many are not. Many injuries can cause long term health problems. Whiplash for example, while it doesn’t sound like a serious injury, can stay with a person of any age for a very long time. Whiplash may inhibit certain careers such as sporting careers, police services and the army.

Realising your worth

What many people do not realise, is that you can claim for more than just the damage to your car. For more information on what you can claim in a road accident call: 1300 188 784.

When completing a motor accident claim form it is important to list all injuries as part of your claim. An insurance company may award you for those injuries and if they do, it is extremely important to stop and get the right advice. If there are grounds for injury compensation there is a good chance you will get a much better award if you engage a vehicle injury lawyer.

Accident injury benefits

Things you can claim include hospital and medical expenses, costs relating to rehabilitation, travel expenses, compensation for injuries, costs relating to domestic help, vehicle or home modification and a lump sum payment for your long term pain and suffering and economic losses.

Why engage a vehicle injury lawyer

A vehicle injury lawyer will fight your corner and obtain the maximum compensation award available. Your compensation award may be tens of thousands more and this will help you in the longer term. An insurance offer without the input of a vehicle injury lawyer might fall short of what you deserve.

Receiving an offer of motor accident compensation

When you receive an offer never sign or accept it, until you have discussed the offer with an injury helpline (call: 1300 188 784)  or a vehicle injury lawyer

Insurance companies will offer minimal payouts and often do not consider future economic losses. A vehicle injury lawyer will make a difference in the following ways;

  • A lawyer will schedule a list of everything you are claiming
  • A lawyer will prepare your claim with supporting necessary documents
  • A lawyer will organise all the necessary medical checks
  • A lawyer will negotiate the best possible compensation award
  • A lawyer will settle your claim and you can put the past behind you
  • A no win no fee lawyer will not charge you if they do not win your claim for compensation

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