Accident Injury Lawyers State Accidents are a Leading Cause of Death

As a leading cause of death in Australia, being aware of your rights is extremely important according to Australian accident injury lawyers. Thousands of road accidents occur every day, many of which lead to fatalities.

Numerous causes include speeding, drink driving and the improper use of seatbelts. Accident victims are mostly drivers and their passengers; – many of which are children followed by pedestrians and motorcyclists. Many of the drivers involved in this leading cause of death are under 25. The figures are alarming. More and more drivers are taking more risks by using their mobile phones and driving under the influence. Tiredness is also a major cause of motor vehicle accidents in Australia amongst all age ranges.

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Education is key

What can we do to educate young drivers? Unfortunately there is always going to be the thrill of passing a driving test and taking risks on the road in order to learn the hard way. Young drivers can be quite confident on the road but also very careless too.

While some people say you never actually learn how to drive properly until you’ve had an accident or been close to an accident we really cannot afford this to be the case any longer. In order to reduce the fatalities we need to educate young people early on. TV campaigns to prevent drink driving and reduce speeding are too few and infrequent. Action needs to be taken now to educate these young and ‘silly’ drivers. Taking responsibility should be a lesson learnt as part of the national curriculum. Kids need to learn responsibility when they are young. Planting those seeds while they are young could save thousands of lives in the future.

Stricter penalties for younger drivers

The imposition of a stricter penalty for younger drivers might influence their attitude on the road. Such a notion could be just what they need to ensure they are on their ‘best behaviour’. Suspending their license for a first offence, may just be the deterrent they need. Anything is worth a try to improve the safety conditions on our roads.

Injured persons accident injury rights

When individuals have been in a road accident many are completely oblivious to their legal rights to claim injury compensation. Accident claims go way beyond the repair of your car and a medical condition such as whiplash can affect a person indefinitely.

Individuals can be reimbursed for hospital and medical expenses, the costs relating to rehabilitation of those injuries, losses of income and super are to name just a few. If you have suffered an injury which is permanent, you may also be entitled to injury compensation in the form of a lump sum.

A vehicle injury lawyer may be required to fight your accident injury claim to make certain you are claiming for everything to which you are entitled considering past, present and future losses. Your rights will depend on which State of Territory your accident occurred. Liability needs to be clearly established and proven. There are many factors that can affect a persons’ right to claim and every case needs to be assessed individually. You can contact a national injury helpline, such as the Australian injury Helpline for further information, claims and advice to get the facts and fast.

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