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If you or family members have suffered negligent, lacking medical care or advice then you may be entitled to pursue a compensation claim. In order to establish if this has taken place, you must have establish a failure in the duty of care. If this failure has lead to a loss or injury then you may wish to discuss a possible claim with a negligence and malpractice lawyer.

With respect to claim, the nature of these matters can be complicated and indeed, complex. It is important that you seek the correct advice from a specialist medical negligence lawyer. Accident Injury can provide you with independent advice from our specialist medical negligence lawyers in an array of potential claims within the medical or doctor negligence field including matters of poor health care or surgical malpractice.

Each state and territory have widely different laws and time limitations; however we are here to help. Our team are experienced are negligence solicitors can provide you with a clear assessment of your situation and can give you the information you need. Please call us today on 1300 188 784.

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