Using Dowsing to Find an Accident Injury Lawyers

As an ancient form of divination, dowsing can be done by most people and can help you find all kinds of things from health problems to , from ley lines to what colour you should wear to enhance your energies. Dowsing can even help you find almost anything even an accident injury lawyer!

Finding an accident injury lawyer who is right for you and will get the best possible result for you is really important for peace of mind, knowing you can get the justice and compensation you deserve. An injury helpline can certainly point you in the right direction however, you can use dowsing to confirm if you should sign up with a particular lawyer.

Dowsing is rather like riding a bike – easy once you can do it

You can use dowsing to help you answer questions i.e what you can claim and make the right decisions for you. To make your very own dowsing rod, all you need is just need a few simple materials and equipment.

  • Two metal coat hangers
  • Wire cutters or tin snips
  • Emery paper

Step 1: Cut the emery paper at one end of the longest (bottom) edge, before it bends up towards the shoulder

Step 2: Cut the rising edge of the other end half way along the shoulder to make a handle.

Step 3: Smooth the cut ends with emery paper or similar

Step4: Bend the handle out at right angles. You now have your dowsing rods.

Dowsing with rods

Here is how you can use your dowsing rods to find what you are looking for.

  • Fill a dish with water
  • Hold your rods loosely, but securely by the handles so they can point forward rather like a gun fighter holding his pistols and can swivel freely.
  • Walk towards your dish of water and watch the way the rods move – they often cross.
  • Now move away from away from the water and notice the change. Write this down.
  • Move around the room, noting the reaction of the rods when you move left and right of the water.
  • When you have tried this a few times and are clear about the signals you are picking up through your dowsing rods, it is time to try a little real dowsing.
  • Ask the following questions and you should get a definite yes or no;

Question 1: Is my name: (announce your name) – the answer will be your ‘yes’ swing.

Question 2: Should I contact the Australian injury Helpline to find the best lawyer for me?

Question 3: Do the lawyers recommended by the Australian Injury Helpline offer a good service and charge reasonably?

Question 4: Will an accident injury lawyer get me a better injury compensation payout than if I deal directly with the insurance company myself?

The answers should all be yes. You now know your dowsing rod is working!

If you have been involved in a car accident and have suffered an injury contact the Australian Injury Helpline on 1800 245 100. They will connect you with a vehicle injury lawyer if required.

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