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Suffered injuries in a road accident? Need to make an insurance claim?

Insurance companies can be tough when it comes to paying out motor accident compensation. Depending on where your road accident took place, you may have several entitlements. You may be unaware of these entitlements and independent information is available. Get free advice today by calling 1300 188 784 and find out your rights to accident injuy compensation.

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“Accident Injury will answer all your questions and provide the facts in plain English without all the legal jargon”.

No Win No Fee Lawyers

You can find out; what you can claim and how you can claim. You will receive a free case review, and find out whether or not the services of a no win no fee auto accident lawyer may be of a huge benefit.

Quite often, the victims who ring our helpline benefit greatly from engaging the services of a vehicle injury lawyer. We often refer cases to law firms who may be able to get several thousand more dollars in accident injury compensation.

Auto Accident Lawyer:

Under the law in Australia, you have legal entitlements to compensation. If you are unaware of these entitlements you may be short changed. When you have suffered an injury, it is important to get all the help and support that is available to you.

Accident Injury is owned and operated by the Australian Injury helpline. The Australian Injury Helpline help thousands of victims to maximise their compensation claims paid out by insurance companies.

Strict time limits apply and a ‘sooner rather than later’ approach is recommended. It is very important to report the incident as soon as possible after it occurs. You also must file the accident injury compensation claim within a given time period depending on your State or Territory.

By making a claim you are not only helping yourself, you are also helping others. Making an accident injury claim may discourage negligence by other individual drivers. You may also influence changes in road safety in order to prevent road accidents occurring.

Call Accident Injury today on 1300 188 784 without delay. One call to a helpline, may make a big difference to your insurance claim.

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