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You can be the most responsible driver in the world and still be involved a road accident. More often than not a road accident story is about one person being in the wrong place at the wrong time while another person is being irresponsible, negligent or just plain silly.

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With a world full of distractions the safety on our roads is further stretched. People can be driving along one minute, tweeting the next and end up in a ditch somewhere. Then their next tweet will be from their hospital bed, tweeting they wished they had never tweeted that last tweet!

Road accidents are caused by a number of different reasons and not just our addiction to social media. Below are just a few examples of how road accidents can occur.

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time

If you are a good driver, a safe driver and follow the rules of the road and still end up in an accident you are one of the unlucky ones. However, if it has happened to you and you have injuries you must make sure you receive your full CTP Green Slip Claim Entitlements. Injury compensation advice is given by an independent helpline.

Mobile phone users

Talking on a mobile phone while driving or even using a GPS can be hazardous. Is it really so important to read that most recent email, or start navigating your journey whilst moving? All you need to do is pull over it will only take a minute. Once you are safely off the road you can check your phone, make a call or set up your GPS. Don’t try to do a million things while you are driving – be sensible. If the police catch you using your mobile phone while driving you may be fined on the spot as it is an offence.

Drunken idiots

Drink driving is a serious matter. With so much public transport available you may be able to leave your car where it is, let your hair down and have a good time. You might even be offered a ride home on the local courtesy bus! Causing a death or an injury because you made a decision to drink and drive is no laughing matter. You will have to live with the pain and guilt for a long time after, knowing that your ‘silliness’ has cost a life or lives.

Drugged up clowns

Drug driving is a new phenomenon. As well as alcohol, driving while under the influence of class A or a class B drug is a crime.

Other silly causes of road accidents include, stress heads, fast drivers i.e. young hoons, slow drivers, nervous drivers (or Sunday drivers), road rage, kids or friends screaming in the back, conflict between people in the car, people with medical problems such as epilepsy or heart problems.

If you have been involved in a road accident do speak to someone such as an injury helpline just to see what you should do and where you stand. This way you can make sure you receive your full injury compensation entitlement under the law to help you with loss or rehabilitation. Some justice will help you put the matter to rest.

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