A Road Accident Claim Doubled, Tripled or Even Increased Ten Fold!

You can win more back than just the damage to your vehicle following a road accident. A road accident claim is a separate claim and completely different from an accident claim for vehicle damage. A road accident claim for injuries (CTP Green Slip) can be doubled, tripled or even have extra digits if you engage a vehicle injury lawyer.

A vehicle injury lawyer can fight for injury compensation and claim a number of benefits under the law of a particular State or Territory. Without the services of an accident injury lawyer you may find yourself short changed. By this we mean offered the bare minimum payout offered by an insurance company. They might say “Sorry that is all we are able to offer you”. You might be disappointed or you might be delighted by the offer. Until you have discussed your injuries with an injury helpline who work with accident injury lawyers you will never know. Call 1300 188 784 for free information, forms and advice.

A disappointing road accident claim offer may be transformed into a much more pleasing offer. A delightful offer may turn into a life changing offer allowing you to change your environment to support your injuries.

A road accident claim or any insurance claim is always a bit cringy. Contacting an insurance provider following a road accident can be daunting and often you notice a change of tone which might be “Ok – right you want money from us? Let’s see what we can do”.

Staff working within insurance road accident claim teams, are specialists in limiting payouts. It is in their best interest to do so and it is their job – you can’t blame them. Demotion may loom if they don’t fulfill their duties.

When it comes to the people at the top, insurance companies have profit margins and shareholders to be concerned about. If a claimant is unaware of their rights and entitlements they can basically miss out on tens of thousands of dollars. This is essentially unclaimed injury compensation and hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost by drivers, passengers and pedestrians injured in car accidents or motor vehicle accidents every year, simply due to a lack of knowledge regarding road accident claim rights.

Insurance companies are very good at selling insurance policies and are also very good at offering bare minimum payouts. This is not the case if you have a vehicle injury lawyer on your side.

Some States and Territories have ‘fault based’ and’ non fault based’ schemes.  Non-fault means you can claim injury compensation regardless of who is at fault. It doesn’t matter if you were to blame for the accident.

Under a fault based road accident claim scheme the CTP insurer of the party at fault will cover the insurance claim.

There are many motor accident compensation benefits and items may include;

Out of pocket expenses past and future might include but are not limited to;

  • Hospital expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Travel expenses
  • Compensation for injuries
  • Costs of homecare
  • Cost for vehicle or home modification
  • Lump sum payment for pain and suffering

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