Accident Compensation – Make an Accident Claim

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to “motor accident compensation“. Compensation or road accident claim may be awarded for a number of things. Each State and Territory in Australia have different laws and schemes operating. Your entitlements will vary according to where the incident took place, under the laws of that particular State. Click here to see what you can claim.

What is the best way to make an insurance claim?

After a motor vehicle accident you must make sure the incident is reported to the police. You will need to seek medical attention (if you haven’t done so already). For any other kind of accident at work or in a public place, you must report the accident to the manager in charge. Failure to do so may affect your motor accident compensation claim.

Everything needs to be reported to the right people and as soon as possible following a motor vehicle accident. Be aware that time limits may apply and it is recommended to report accidents straight away. In certain States road accidents need to be reported within 28 days in order to make a motor accident compensation claim.

Next, you need to lodge a claim with the CTP insurer. You can get advice prior to lodging the form by calling the Accident Injury FREE Helpline on 1300 188 784. By calling your will also be given a free case review, to find out what you are entitled to claim.

Even if the accident is your fault or partially your fault you may still be entitled to motor accident compensation. Again your accident issurance claim depends on where your accident took place.

If your injury is serious or long term you may require the services of  personal injury lawyers a Personal injury lawyer to obtain the best possible payout for you.
Insurance companies tend to offer a bare minimum payout as it is their best interest to do so. This doesn’t help the injured victims, as they may miss out on further entitlements. A vehicle injury lawyer can fight for the maximum motor accident compensation claim.

To find out where you stand legally and what rights you have to a motor accident compensation claim, call the Accident injury FREE Helpline on 1300 188 784.

If you require the services of a vehicle injury lawyer we can help you in this regard through a free legal referral service. The auto accident lawyers we work with are approved and recommended by the Australian Injury Helpline.

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