Do you hate making a claim?

Feel you won’t get a good result? You may benefit immensely with an accident injury helpline or a Vehicle Injury Lawyer.

I’m one of those people who hate making a claim for anything. Whenever I have had to make a claim it usually ends with me not getting a fair deal. In the past I have been frustrated, upset and treated unfairly. The way insurance companies try to get you to say the wrong thing so you can’t claim seems to be the norm from my experience.

The thought of making an accident injury claim is too much to bear for some people, so much so, they don’t bother lodging a claim at all. They actually believe that dealing with it themselves and paying for it themselves is much easier than going through the insurance claim process.

This is ludicrous to say the least but it does happen. Some people would rather not make a fuss or go through the experience just to avoid the possible stress or disappointment.

Why we should stop and smell the coffee

o Making a claim means the out of pocket expenses will be recovered and paid out by the insurance company
o You may get medical bills, medical expenses, travel expenses, rehabilitation costs all covered by insurance there is no need for you to forfit these costs. You must lodge a CTP (Green slip)
o You may get a lump sum payment for pain and suffering for serious injuries
o If you are unable to return to work you may get a loss of future income to help your family
o You may prevent the negligent party from being negligent in the future

We are all afraid sometimes. If you are afraid of the insurance claims process, contact an accident injury helpline today who will help in every way they can to make sure you avoid stress and get a good injury compensation claim that is your legal right.

When it comes to a Road Accident Claim and you have suffered injuries you need to think about two things;

1). Getting better and having a full recovery

Straight after your accident it is vital you seek medical attention. You seek advice from your doctor, have all the recommended tests. If you think your doctor is not taking your injuries seriously, remember you have a right to a second opinion. Getting better and rehabilitating is the best thing for you. However, in many circumstances this is not always the case.

2). Making sure you lodge a road accident claim

A road accident claim won’t just cover the costs to the damage of your car. You can also claim damages for your injuries. You must also lodge a CTP (Green slip) claim as well as a claim with the motor insurers. A road accident claim may cover losses and expenses to date as well future expenses and future losses. Claiming for suture economic losses is extremely important especially if you are unable to return to work doing the same job, and on the same level of pay.

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