Five Quick Facts

How Much Do You Really know About Injury Compensation?

Fact 1:  Injury Compensation is your legal right

If you have suffered an injury in an accident as a result of someone else’s negligence driving you may be entitled to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in compensation. You may or may not be entitled to this depending on where your accident took place and the circumstances of your accident. A vehicle injury lawyer needs to be consulted to determine your personal level of compensation. Call 1300 188 784 today!

Fact 2:  If you were to blame you may still have a claim

In some scenarios you might be partially to blame for the accident and you might even believe that the accident was entirely your fault.  While you may believe you are somewhat or even completely responsible, you may not be fully at fault. In this regard you still might be entitled to injury compensation. For this reason, it is a good idea that you always consult an accident injury lawyer. An accident injury lawyer will be able to advise you of your legal rights and entitlements.

Fact 3:  Recurring injuries may bring about a future claim

Has your injury returned years after the accident took place? Did you know you might still be entitled to claim injury compensation again the recurring injury? Get free advice from an accident injury helpline to find out where you stand.

Fact 4:  A lawyer can make a real difference to your claim

Did you know with a lawyer you will get a much larger pay-out than without? By simply getting in contact with an accident injury helpline and being connected to recommended lawyers you could potentially win thousands of dollars. The difference between you and one of our lawyers is that our lawyers have years of industry experience that are specialised in the particular field (for example, a vehicle injury lawyer deals specifically with motor vehicle injuries). For this reason they know the process you go need to go through not only earning you thousands of dollars but also saving you a lot of time and hassle.

Accident injury lawyers do not cost anything up front and there are no ongoing fees meaning you don’t have to worry about the legal costs.

Fact 5: If the other driver is unknown you may still be entitled to claim

The fact that you don’t know the driver doesn’t mean that you are not entitled to claim compensation. If you are injured under these circumstances there are schemes in place to support a compensation claim.

Fact 6: Strict time limits apply to injury compensation claims

Laws vary between States and Territories and so does the time frame allowed for claiming. Seek counsel soon after you accident. You may miss out on tens of thousands of dollars in compensation. Take action today call 1300 188 784.

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